Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Must Watch: Forest Man

Absolutely in awe and adoration over this short, award-winning documentary about one man's effort to save Majuli Island by single-handedly planting a forest that is now larger than Central Park. His goal is to prevent further erosion of his island, that is otherwise expected to disappear in 15-20 years, and to protect the beautiful wildlife within the area. 

If you ever doubted that one person can create needed change in the world, or felt that the little things we do in life aren't enough, watch this video and realize what an amazing difference one life can really make.

Hope you enjoyed watching Forest Man as much as I did. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Plant Organic Flowers: Save the Bees

Calling all buds! It's time to let the world know how they can help our beautiful earth...and the human race! As a patron of this wonderful company, I'm sure it's no news to you that pesticides have been affecting our bees. They have been disappearing and their colonies have been declining. This is not good, buds! One third of the food we eat depends on our precious bees. Bees and beekeepers could use lots of support right now.

This cute bee tee reads: Plant Organic Flowers

There are a multitude of things we can do. Buying organic food when possible to help support organic farming, which in turn can help the bees. Buying honey from your local beekeeper not only helps keep them going, but is also very good for your health. Planting organic flowers for bees to pollinate helps too! That is where this rad recycled fabric tee shirt comes in.

In true Soul-Flower fashion, the Plant Flowers Recycled T-Shirt is made with a blend of organic cotton and recycled fibers. It is so soft and comfortable, and the color pretty much goes with anything! I especially love it with a long skirt and Soul-Flower's cute strawberry earrings. The fun print will add the perfect touch to any summer outfit while also showing a positive message.

So, green thumb or not, get out there and start planting! It's a great way to get outside, have fun, and help the bees all at the same time. You might even run into a friendly gnome :)

Peace, Love & Planting,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Great Things are Small Things

One of our most popular pins this week has a lot to say! 

Great things are small things.
Make it happen. You can do it! :) 

If you like this inspiring tree stump message as much as we do, it's available as a free wallpaper via Kellie Trontel Lifestyle. 

❤ JacQ

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Create a Henna Design

I love the Branches Recycled Maxi Skirt, the leaf deign is so gorgeous, seeing it reminded me of mehndi henna designs, and the long maxi length had me dreaming of barefoot summer days, running through the grass and sand.

The Branches Maxi Skirt that inspired my henna design!
My sister loves henna, she got me started on it years ago, I decided for this post I would go to a henna expert, and have her share her knowledge and experience in henna design. Here are a few quick tips she shared (check out the video for more info, and to see my henna design step by step (notice the soul-flower logo?!)

1. It is easier for beginners to start with a design in mind, you can draw something up, print it off, or even draw on your skin with a sharpie (the sharpie will fade). Look in books, online, or in nature for inspiration. (Soul-flower has a lot of cool designs on their clothing you could recreate with henna!)

2. Your design should sit for 30min- overnight, so be sure to put it somewhere where it wont can be left alone for a amount of time (for example I did my hand I write with, which wasn't the best idea)

3. After your design starts to dry you can paint over it with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar, this helps the design soak in , and stay wet longer, so it really soaks into your skin and last longer!

4. After the lemon juice you can warm the design with a candle, again to help the design soak into your skin and last long!

Thats basically it! Be sure to checkout the video! And thanks to my sister for sharing!! Let me know if you guys come up with some cool designs!