Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Treehugger Tee

When it came time for me to choose my next item for the Karma Krewe, I knew
that it had to be something that could let those around me know why I think
Soulflower is the cat's pajamas. Besides digging all their cool threads, I
really respect their responsibility, affection, and commitment to Mama
Earth. So, I started browsing through their Circle Tees line in hopes of
finding one of their earth-friendly dyed, organic cotton t-shirts to spread
the vibe around. I was drawn to the 'Treehugger' tee. I am proud to be a
treehugger, and I hope that every time I wear my shirt, others see it, and
stop to think about what it means. Peggy shared a link on Facebook to an
interview about Circle Tees that she did with HappyHippie.com. She says it
all best!! You can read the interview here.

The Treehugger tee is very light weight in construction. I was afraid that
it might be too think n' chunky for the extreme Georgia heat I know is
coming this summer, but it is the most air-flow friendly material. It's the
coolest (literally) tee I have now. The green is a little lighter than the
catalog shows, which is something we ran into with the Mandala Bag. (which
is still going strong, and my fave bag to carry!) It is more of a muted sage
green. I have washed it twice now, and the dyes didn't fade at all. It still
looks brand new. With regular cotton, you see a bit of a fade, or shrinkage
after the first couple of washes, but with this organic cotton...it has
apparent staying power! I can tell that this tee is one that I will be
reaching for all summer.

Go ahead and order the Treehugger tee, get outside & hug your favorite tree,
and then spread that vibe around! ~peace~


  1. I'm VERY interested in hearing that it's doing well in the heat. Living in Phoenix (111 deg. today, 43% humidity), I want as close to nothing on my skin as I can legally get by with, so lightweight fabric alerts mean A LOT TO ME!!! I need to peruse, though, for tank tops or other kinds than Tee's, which I don't wear.

  2. That is absolutely one of my favorite tees that ya'll sell, for sure! Looks great!

  3. Nice design and colors on the tee.

    Stopping by from Cam's blog to say hello. I'm off to read more.

    Cheers, jj

  4. Cool Beans! I buy all organic food but have not made it to buying organic cotton but oh it's calling my name! Great photo Cam and I'm a big treehugger, listener, feeler of them as well. They have souls like us!


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