Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day at the Beach Kids' Pants: 100% cotton and 100% six-year-old approved!

colorful childrens clothes active wear for boys or girls cotton patchwork kids pants

As a mom with a growing boy who marches to the beat of his own funky drummer, clothes can be an issue. I know some moms say, “Boys are easy! Just jeans and a shirt and they’re set.” Well not all boys. My boy LOVES color. And this mama wants to honor his artistic soul and free spirit both inside and out. So khakis and a plaid polo just won’t do. Soul Flower understands this!

I don’t know who was more excited about Soul Flower’s A Day At The Beach pants – my little guy or me? But when they came he stripped down to put them on right away (with a gentle reminder from mama to add a shirt and some undies, it IS still 40-something degrees here after all). “Oh mom, they’re so comfy!” I could tell the 100% cotton agreed with his sometimes picky sensitivities. And of course being 100% six year old boy, he noticed the two generously sized cargo pockets right away. “Look, treasure holders!” Exactly!

The drawstring is perfect for keeping these lounge style pants on a slim frame. And the fit is perfectly true to size. He wore them 3 days in row before I managed to talk him into tossing them into the laundry bin. Living on a sailboat we love clothes that protect us from the sun while keeping cool and comfortable, these pants definitely fit the bill. Color plus comfort makes for one happy kid!


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A Day at the Beach Kids' Patchwork Pants
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  1. Those look awesome and he does look so happy! Wish they came in my size! ;-)


  2. Well, Lisa, if you don't mind wearing men's pants, we do have a similar men's version! :) Puttin' on the Jams Pants

  3. Those are awesome...and they might be the perfect solution for our trip to Alaska this summer. <3

  4. Cute! I bought the green ones for my son.


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