Friday, October 19, 2012


I've noticed that if someone is buying one kurta they seem to be buying several kurtas. Maybe it's because it's hard to pick just one color or style, or maybe it's because they're so incredibly comfortable! This season our collection of kurta's has grown, and now there's a kurta style to match every mood, every day - this kurta craze just got real! ;)

Brite Tie-Dye Kurta
The Classic Gauze Kurta 
Comes in a variety of colors!
The Classic Gauze Kurta has been a continual favorite with our customers for years, and we know several of our buds have more than one color in their closet!

Tea Leaf Crochet Kurta
Ruffled Kurta (Also comes in brown or black)

Field of Flowers Ombre Kurta
 Both of our floral kurtas are perfect for every flower child at heart!
Blossoms Bell Sleeve Kurta

It's easy to see how they've become so incredibly popular; they're great whether you're in the mood for sweet crochet, bright tie-dye, or simply something lightweight and wearable. If you own more than one you'll have to let us know what snagged you into the kurta craze!
Jacqueline Lee

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