Monday, January 14, 2013

Mushroomy Inspiration

Did you know there's such a thing as glowing mushrooms?

There are more than 70 known species of bioluminescent fungi growing all around the world. They produce light through chemical reactions, lighting up the forest floor like a starry sky.

How awesome is that?!

How could you not want glowing mushrooms on a t-shirt?! :)

Men's Organic Mushrooms Pocket T-Shirt

Our first print run of this Mushrooms design really looked like those glowing mushrooms. Since then, we've translated it to a few other shirt styles so everyone can get a taste of mushroomy goodness.

Another inspiration for this hand-drawn mushroom design was these amazing 19th century mushroom and fungi illustrations, drawn by French pharmacist Guilliame Sicard.

I just love their simplicity, and how they show off all the different mushroom types in a clean, non-muddy way.

When creating this design, I first sketched out a bunch of different styles of mushrooms. Then after digitizing the sketches, I added texture with little bitmapping dots that would be sure to show up on a screen print.


You can also snag some glowing mushrooms on an organic cotton scarf or on a bright purple tank dress. (Note: these dresses are part of a limited print run, so get 'em while you can!)

Mushrooms may seem like lowly plants (literally-- they grow low to the ground!), but a second look may be all it takes to realize that pretty much everything in nature is awesome. Especially if they glow!

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