Thursday, January 24, 2013

Road Warrior Eco Bike T-Shirt

Road Warrior & Happy Pants in red
So today I got thinking about my old bike. I got the Road Warrior tee and wore it with my Happy Pants, and the illustration on the front reminds me of my bicycle. Its ancient, but surprisingly works, I even was gifted a wicker basket for its handle bars, and when I had two pet rats Daisy & Rumpelstiltskin  I used to bundle them up in my costa-rican rainbow patchwork purse and drive around the neighborhood, Daisy would stay hidden under her blanket the whole time, while each ride Rumples got braver and braver, so brave he even tried to climb out and down a wheel, then the rat rides had to stop.

Hand-drawn design! <3
I love this shirt, the color is one of a kind, the hand-drawn illustration is fun and young, and it goes perfect with the Guatemalan Happy Pants.

I haven't used my bike in what seems like ages, times get busy, and my good ole' bike grows dusty inside the shed my husband made. Little scraps of leftover wood broken up and used from the previous tenants. Its  kind of amazing to build something so helpful from somebodies garbage. I think this is what green should be all about, using every last scrap, not wasting one thing we are given. Even the Road Warrior is made of 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic...

Two sayings come to mind,
"One mans trash is another man's treasure"
"One man's steak is another mans sushi"

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