Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eco Mushrooms T-Shirt - My Hidden Summer

It has been cold, so cold. I am not used to this bitter, take the breath right out of your lungs cold. I should be I guess, but I am not.  A few things have been dancing around in my head, being outside seems to always get my mind going. Well weeks upon weeks of old snow are piled up in my lawn covering just about everything, isn't it a bit strange how snow can beautify just about anything? An old parking lot, dumpsters, dirt, throw a bit of that sparkly stuff on it, and you have a instant wonderland. It can mask just about anything, hiding the ugly, enhancing the beauty.

Fave Mushroom T-Shirt
The only thing I miss is the grass, I mean, as beautiful as snow is, its kind of sad to think about all the summer and flowers, and mushrooms, and sand that is hidden under it. So maybe it is a double edge sword, although it camouflages the not-so-pretty, it kind of buries the beautiful. Who knows what hidden treasure awaits, and unfortunately, we are going to have to wait till spring to find it. This eco-friendly mushroom top reminds me of beautiful things waiting to happen. Kind of gives you hope for the future.

Leave footprints behind
The other thing I kept thinking about was how snow can track our movements. Everyday, we leave a trail, we leave footprints behind (in all aspects of life) but it is never so apparent until right after it snows. It makes you a little more aware of what you are doing, where you are going, and what you are leaving behind.

A Soul Angel! ;)
 Well to just keep things light, I figured I would make a Soul-Angel, (the cousin of the snow angel, only more fun, and spirited.) Today if you wanted to follow my tracks and see where it lead you, it would lead you to these thoughts, and one sassy soul-angel.

Heather from Latter Day Style

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