Friday, March 1, 2013

Wear the Good Vibes Tie-Dye Skirt As a Dress

Soul Flower knows their tie dye! Who can resist bright, bold colors like pink and green? Add in the earthy brown and you've got yourself one fun piece of clothing that gives off good vibes. I picked out this skirt because I needed to brighten up my winter!

It can also be worn as a dress! :)

If you've got the winter blues, prepare to have them chased away. I wore this in the snow and I was still comfy. This organic tie-dye skirt is long enough to keep your legs warm this season and will transition well into the summer. The large band at the waist even makes it possible to pull up and turn into a dress! You will be wearing this one all year long. It's great whether you want to lounge around or go out and have some fun.

This skirt is a Soul Flower original, and as you know, soul-flower is awesome about supporting a healthy environment. This skirt was made with organic cotton and low-impact dyes, and it's Fair Trade!

My Slightly Stoopid - Officer cover! :)

Thank you for this amazing skirt, soul-flower!
Peace & Love,

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  1. Super cute! I adore soul flower but am too short for most of their clothes. Skirts as dresses is an amazing idea though!


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