Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wishlist Worthy: Jazzy Birds Recycled T-Shirt

One of my favorite Soul Flower Original t-shirts has got to be the Jazzy Birds. Hand-drawn by our rockin' graphic designer,Leiah, these little birds are made up of snazzy, jazzy doodles that are super eye-catching and unique. The colors are also wonderfully bright and cheerful with that vivid purple and sky blue print. 

Hand-drawn 'n' jazzy!!
Every time I wear this tee, it never fails to uplift my mood. :)

Jazzy Birds Recycled T-Shirt in women's sizes
I like to style the Jazzy Birds Recycled T-Shirt with the organic Native Headband and wooden Teal Swirl Earrings

Although for a more playful look, I'm also all for pairing this tee with a bright patchwork skirt like the batik Patchy Butterfly Skirt. As you can see, both looks are pretty great, and easy to accomplish!

A truly jazzy look with colorful patchwork!
Not only is this t-shirt design tweet worthy (hardyharhar) ;-), the material it was printed on is made of  50% recycled fibers and 50% organic cotton - so it's all around AWESOME! Which is why these little Jazzy Birds are downright Wishlist Worthy! 

 Do you have the Jazzy Birds Recycled T-Shirt already? How do you style it?

❤ JacQ 

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