Friday, September 6, 2013

Dandelion Wine Backpack

Hello buds! So, I had my first baby recently and getting outdoors for a good hike or walk has been a bit, well shall I say…challenging?! Babies are the best, (THE BEST!!) but having one on board means you have lots of extra stuff to drag around every time you think of stepping outside.

Amazing colors!
That’s where my fair trade Dandelion Wine Backpack really helps out! You see, I have a front carrier for baby Willow to enjoy the summer scenery but NOWHERE on it can I store all my baby essentials! Yes, now I need more then a hip belt to carry a few necessities like a water bottle, keys and cell phone.  Now, I also need room for diapers, wet wipes, a changing pad, a burp rag, a blankie, a bottle, a pacifier, a first aid kit, a change of clothes (just in case of an explosion of the baby sort). ;)

You can really load this backpack up!
No purse or diaper bag will do when out for a hike as trying to keep one on my shoulder is a serious pain in the rumpus! The Dandelion Wine Backpack works awesome for what I need!  A backpack is so much more mommy hiker friendly! Great adjustable straps, soft fabric for comfort and a lot of pockets for smaller goodies – three in the front of various sizes that zip closed and two inside the backpack, (one pouch is perfect for a cell phone)! So happy to have this earth huggin, community lovin,' buy!

Baby Willow and I :)

Happy trails, Woo

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  1. SUCH a pretty backpack! I bike everywhere, so I definitely lug a lot around with me, and a big backpack is perfect for that!


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