Monday, November 4, 2013

Imagining Indigo Tapestry

When we first moved into our apartment, the first thing I noticed was the asylum white walls. I knew they had to go ASAP. There is something about plain walls that just brings my mood down. Not to mention they were exposing the door to our utilities closet, doorbell, and thermostat to the entire living room! Who wants to see all that junk?? It's was like the extra small mini skirt of livings rooms… aka terrible.

So, I was obviously crying with joy when this Imaging Indigo Tapestry popped out of my mailbox. I stuck that baby up on the wall and it was like happiness, just emanating everywhere. Plus, I feel like it really tied in all of the colors we have going on.

I absolutely love the vortex design going on. There are little elephants and peacocks surrounded by flowers. It's made in India using low-impact dyes and it's fair trade, so that obviously makes it ten times better than other tapestries. Plus, at $28 how can you justify not buying one?? It's so lightweight and thin, you can put it up with just thumbtacks and it stays perfectly. In my opinion, every blank wall needs a unique tapestry!

The Imagining Indigo Tapestry's intricate center design
I also couldn't resist a photo shoot with this baby. In my head I was picturing a windy field with a beautiful tapestry flowing in the wind. The weather decided otherwise so we had to improvise (no rhyme intended). I'm thinking I'm going to break out my film next time, but it sure looks beautiful as a blanket! I can't help but think how perfect it would be for a picnic. I guess we'll have to find out in the spring time!

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Some Girl

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  1. It's a beautiful tapestry! Nice improvisation on the photo shoot. I think your photos great! Very fall cizy. ;-)


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