Friday, January 3, 2014

Kindness Is My Religion

I really love this Buddha Yoga Tank! I love the detail on the shirt and the Buddha stencil design. It has the  message "kindness is my religion" all around the circle. A great positive motivator! The hand-drawn Buddha design is probably my favorite part of this shirt.

I seriously have worn this yoga tank so many times. It looks good with leather leggings, combat boots, and an oversize cardigan. It looks good while doing yoga. It looks good with a jean jacket and floral skirt. It basically looks good with everything. I love the versatility, and I love being comfortable wherever I go! The flowy design and material of it make it perfect for anything. Plus, I love that it has a baggier feel. It never prevents me from moving the way I want to. I have the feeling of being constrained, but I obviously can't walk around naked all the time, so this tank top is the perfect compromise ha ha.

It reminds me to take time & meditate kindness
Special thanks to Soul Flower for creating such beautiful and planet friendly clothing!

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from the blog Some Girl

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  1. I want some Soul Flower wear so badly. I love this tank top, and that quote "kindness is my religion" is absolutely beautiful and encouraging.


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